Super Bowl car adverts round-up

WE MIGHT NOT ‘get’ the Super Bowl over here in Blighty, but we can certainly enjoy the car ads.

Imagine the FA Cup final, but longer, and with a musical at half time and you’ll get some idea of what the Super Bowl is all about. It’s a big deal, so big in fact that companies make special adverts just to broadcast during it, and the car companies are no exception. So here’s our round-up of the best.

Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno and the Acura NSX

It’s an advert for a car that you can’t actually buy yet, but nevertheless this is our favourite because it’s actually quite funny and features proper petrolhead Jay Leno…in a flying squirrel suit…and an alien.

Ferris Bueller’s Day…Advertising a Honda

Have you seen ‘Ferris Bueller’s day off’? Well I haven’t, but I understand it’s something of a cult film and, while I’m sure the references to the film go way over my head, this is quite a cool advert. Although, a Honda CR-V? Really?

VW’s ‘Bark Side’ *groan*

Although the pun is pretty lame the advert is pretty good. This isn’t the full version (VW is saving that for the day itself) but this ‘teaser’ shows some dogs singing the Star Wars music. Is there anything Lucasfilm won’t do for money?


I cannot abide this latest ‘sparkly teenage vampires’ fad but Audi’s Twilight pastiche is quite funny. Even if it is advertising something as mind-numbingly tedious as new headlight technology.


What does every Eskimo, living in the middle of nowehere on a frozen lake, need? That’s right, a small Suzuki saloon. It might have 4-wheel-drive but I can’t help thinking, maybe a Range Rover might be better.

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