Ferrari and Force India reveal 2012 F1 cars

FERRARI AND FORCE India are the latest teams to launch their 2012 F1 cars.

Following on from McLaren on Wednesday, we now have a first glimpse of our third and fourth F1 cars of 2012, unfortunately both teams have taken the same route as Caterham when it comes to nose designs and fans are not happy about it, branding the cars as ugly.

The Ferrari F2012 was supposed to have a full launch this morning but heavy snowfall at the team’s Maranello headquarters scuppered plans and the car was instead unveiled online.

By Ferrari’s own admission this car is a risky one, featuring a tightly packaged rear bodywork section and front pull-rod suspension, the first car since 2001 to use it.

Technical director Pat Fry said, “A lot of people have said a lot of things, and it is a bit of a step away from where we have been. Certainly we have taken a few more risks on the basic car layout and things like that, but all in all everyone has done a good job. But we need to knuckle down and start pushing for the upgrades for the first race and through the year.”

Meanwhile at Silverstone, the Sahara Force India team unveiled their new VJM05.

The team, who dropped Adrian Sutil over the winter in favour of fellow German Nico Hulkenberg, are hoping that this will be the car to help them break into the top five.

Other than the controversial nose, other changes over last year include a different kind of rear bodywork design to cope with the new exhaust regulations and a more coventional roll-hoop/airbox.

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