Licence-free Renault Twizy set for UK

RENAULT IS BELIEVED to be seriously considering bringing a version of its electric Twizy to the UK in 2013, that can be driven by 16-year olds.

The full-electric Twizy 45 is limited to a top speed of 28mph and would sit below the more powerful Twizys, which are due to go on sale later this year.

The Twizy 45 takes advantage of new vehicle categorisation which looks set to begin next January and could be the answer to the prayers of teenagers with nervous parents, unwilling to let their child ride a scooter.

The legislation regards quadricycles with a top speed of 28mph and a maximum weight of 350kg.

If the Twizy 45 does go on sale it is expected to cost around £6200, nearly £500 less than the cheapest normal Twizy, however some owners (depending on many factors) could see insurance costs of nearly £4000 according to Andy Heiron, head of Renault UK’s electric vehicle programme.

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