McLaren announces upgraded MP4-12C

McLAREN HAS ANNOUNCED a faster, easier to drive version of its MP4-12C supercar.

The headline update is a 25bhp increase to the 3.8 litre twin turbo V8 through a remapped ECU, pushing output up to 617bhp and giving it a 47bhp advantage over the Ferrari 458. This power advantage has not affected efficiency though, CO2 output remains at 279 g/km and fuel consumption remains at a combined 24.2 mpg.

The seven speed SSG transmission has also been updated to provide a crisper throttle response and faster and smoother gear changes thanks to improved clutch control.

Usability improvements have been made to the car in line with customer feedback. These include: automatic headlights and wipers, an improved climate control system, Vehicle Lift system which allows the ride height to be raised by 40mm at the front and 25mm at the rear and a new push-button door opening to replace the touch sensor.

There are also now a large array of customisation options including: various new paint colours, a new five-spoke lightweight forged alloy wheel in multiple finishes, a new interior trim and an improved entertainment system.

Antony Sheriff, McLaren Automotive Managing Director said, “The team at McLaren Automotive recognises that our existing and future customers deserve the very best product and service we can offer, and the launch of the enhanced 12C reaffirms its position as the most powerful luxury sports car among its competitor set.”

Prices for the updated MP4-12C start at £176,000 with deliveries starting later in the year. Current MP4-12C owners can also have their cars upgraded to the new specification.

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