Renault Zoe breaks electric distance record

THE NEW RENAULT Zoe has set a new distance record for electric cars by travelling over 1000 miles in 24 hours.

Renault’s all-electric supermini beat the previous record of 795 miles by a quarter, travelling 1005 miles (1618km) in 24 hours at the Aubevoye speed ring in Normandy, France.

The record was made possible by the Zoe’s 130 mile range, the best in the class, and Renault’s new Chameleon charger which is able to charge the car from any socket at any power level. Chameleon is a world-first and can fast-charge the car up to 80% in just 30 minutes.

Philippe Vinot, Renault’s reliability and durability coordinator said, “In April, we started calculations to check feasibility with the Group electric powertrain department. In early May, we started track runs and established a strategy. We decided to keep the production car without any changes. We were confident and we were right.”

The Renault Zoe will go on sale later this year from £13,650 plus £70 per-month to lease the battery.

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