Skoda builds Stonehenge out of cars

SKODA HAS BUILT a Stonehenge replica, dubbed Citihenge, using scrap cars to launch its new Citigo model.

Built on London’s South Bank, ‘Citihenge’ celebrates the launch of the Citigo and the summer solstice. Built by sculptor Tommy Gun and his team, ‘Citihenge’ is made up of 18 scrap cars, with a combined mileage of 1.9 million miles, and took three months to create. The sculpture weighs-in at 36 tonnes, stands over five metres tall and can withstand up to force 12 hurricane winds.

‘Citihenge’ will be in place until the 20th June, before moving to other locations in the UK, including a stop off at the Goodwood Festival of Speed between the 28th June and the 1st July.

Skoda spokesperson Pietro Panarisi said, “While traditional cars struggle to perform well under the strain of city driving, the Citigo is designed to excel in the urban environment.  Citihenge symbolises the beginning of a new era of motoring and we hope drivers across the country will recognise this important turning point.”

Sculptor Tommy Gun said, “The Citihenge project has been the most amazing challenge.  Stonehenge is a huge, iconic structure and the Citihenge replica is too.  It is made entirely from old car parts, which taps into my own childhood growing up on a farm where I used to love building and creating things with pieces of discarded machinery.”

The new Skoda Citigo is on sale now with prices starting at £7,630.

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