Top 10 bad driving videos

WE’VE COUNTED DOWN our top 10 bad driving internet video clips.

If you crashed your car 15 years ago, only the people who were there to see it would have known. But in this digital age there is no escaping the embarrassment. There are thousands of crash videos on the internet and we’ve trawled the lot of them to bring you our top 10 worst. For the sake of your browser speed we haven’t embeded the videos, so click on the pictures to watch them.

10. Antonio Pizzonia rolls an S-Type

Back in 2003, Brazillian Jaguar F1 driver Antonio Pizzonia was driving Autocar journalist Steve Sutcliffe around the Barcelona circuit in an S-Type. Unfortunately, Antonio had forgotten that the road car does not brake as well as his F1 car. The crash was spectacular but the best part of this video is the onboard camera which captures Steve’s reactions through and immediately after the crash. It’s a quiet video so turn your speakers up.

9. Skoda rollover

A CCTV camera captures this woman attempting to drive her Skoda Octavia through an open gate. Unfortunately she doesn’t appear to be all that familiar with the task of driving and drives straight into the gate instead. Once the tyre hits the gate post, the laws of physics take over and the car ends up shiny side down.

8. Boy racers car park crash

It’s a familiar friday night sight; young men in ‘tuned’ hatchbacks, revving the pistons off their 1.2 litre engines and racing around car parks. With all those teenage hormones, huge spoilers and neon lights it’s surprising that this sort of thing doesn’t happen more often. Just be glad that these antisocial types are going to empty car parks to crash into each other instead of doing it on the public roads!

7. Redneck attempts a pickup truck burnout

Americans like certain types of cars; pickup trucks and muscle cars. Neither of these are particularly well known for their handling and poise but when you combine them you get something truly appalling; the Dodge Ram SRT-10. This man decided to attempt a burnout in his. He couldn’t handle it though and ended up clipping a unfortunately placed ditch. WARNING: This video contains strong langauge, so be careful where you watch it.

6. Bentley driver tries off-roading

This video is bad for many reasons: 1. the driving is truly awful, 2. a Bentley Continental GT and an innocent bystander’s Kia get ruined and 3. the driver actually appears to be proud of what he’s done. He is clearly the kind of young rich guy who has so much money (or his parents do) that he simply doesn’t care about damaging his or other’s property.

5. Overtaking gone wrong

What happens when the car being overtaken doesn’t know how to use his mirrors and the car doing the overtaking would rather use his horn than his brakes? This dashboard mounted camera onboard the overtaking car, somewhere in eastern Europe (probably) captures it all.

4. Bus vs Porsche

If you are on the road all day, every day, you are statistically more likely to be involved in a crash. However, you do expect a certain level of driving skill from professional bus drivers. For whatever reason this bus driver completely loses control, mounting the kerb and taking out a bus stop (luckily with nobody waiting) and a parked Porsche Boxster.

3. Multiple crashes in the car park

You have to wonder just how people like this managed to get their driving licence in the first place. Because watching this video, you would have to conclude that the driver must have never driven a car before. It’s terrifying to think that these people are actually on the roads, amongst us.

2. Bollards!

These bollards were placed in Manchester to keep normal traffic out of areas only for buses and other special vehicles. However, these few drivers think they’re better than you and me and deserve to drive in there as well. Unfortunately for them though, the bollards are just a little to fast. Enjoy the music that someone’s put over the video too.

1. Peugeot 206 rollover

The reasons why this is our worst video are numerous. He’s come in way too fast for the corner, especially so considering it’s a blind corner, and once he’s lost control he doesn’t know what to do to save it. The worst bit though, is the setting. This is a public road, full of his idiot friends who are cheering him on and other road users, including a bike rider and his passenger, who have to take avoiding action. It’s the combination of his stupidity behind the wheel and his complete disregard for other road users safety that makes this our number one.

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