Top 10 incredible driving videos

WE’VE COUNTED DOWN our top 10 amazing driving internet video clips.

Yesterday we focused on the worst driving on the web. To counter that, today we’re focussing on the most incredible driving the internet has to offer. Be it amazing skill, incredible reflexes or simply enormous balls, all ten clips will take your breath away.
Again, for the sake of your browser speed we haven’t embeded the clips so click the pictures to watch them.

10. Jean Ragnotti’s 360 at Goodwood

Former Renault World Rally driver Jean Ragnotti has immense car control, and he showed it at the Goodwood Festival of Speed a couple of years ago. Not only did he perform a full 360 degree spin but he did it at high speed, in a practically priceless Renault 5 Maxi Turbo Rally car, on a very low grip surface and on a track barely wider than the car. Oh, and he’s 66 years old.

9. Dino Zamparelli at Spa Francorchamps

Young British racing driver Dino Zamparelli was competing in a Formula 2 race at Spa Francorchamps. As is often the case at Spa, the weather was atrocious. With very little visability, Dino manages to avoid what would have been a massive accident, displaying the kind of reflexes that racing drivers rely on to win world championships and that us mere mortals can only dream of.

8. Nurburgring in the snow

The speeds in this video may not be very high but the skill level needed to keep a single seater racing car on a snow covered track; a) pointing in the right direction, and b) out of the barriers, is very high indeed. There are all sorts of stories emanating from northern Germany at the moment with regards to the Nurburgring’s future. We might not see much more of this sort of thing so enjoy it while you can.

7. Autotesting

Autotesting is a competition designed purely to test precision driving skills, with drivers having to complete tight corners, donuts, reverse turns and plenty more besides as quickly as possible. Usually with a liberal applications of handbrake. Here, Christopher Evans drives his Locost, a kind of Caterham 7 clone, in an event in England.

6. Senna’s opening lap at Donington ’93

Anyone who knows about F1 knows about this lap. A bad start put Senna down to 5th place by the first corner, but Senna was supreme in the wet and fought hard, gaining position after position. Martin Brundle once said, “If you want to have 40 seconds of ‘What is Ayrton Senna, the racing driver, all about.’ there it is, in a nutshell.” If you’ve never seen this clip before, you need to.

5. Jason Plato: “What a save!”

Jason Plato is a double British Touring Car Champion, and this video shows exactly why. Leading the final race of the day at Brands Hatch, but under pressure from Jonathan Adam’s BMW. The youngster gives Plato a fairly robust tap as they head into the super fast Paddock Hill bend, lifting the rear wheels of Plato’s Chevrolet Lacetti off the ground and pitching the car massively sideways. Plato’s reactions and car control then took over…

4. Colin McRae onboard at Rally GB

Colin McRae was always fast, but in his early years his “If in doubt, flat out.” motto caused him to meet the scenery more often than most, leading people to nickname him ‘Colin McCrash’. He soon got his wild side under control and eventually became World Rally Champion. This onboard footage from Wales Rally GB in 2001 will both scare and amaze you in equal measure. Colin McRae was a legend and an icon and he will always be missed.

3. Nick Heidfeld’s record run at Goodwood.

In 1999 a young Nick Heidfeld visited the Goodwood Festival of Speed with McLaren. He drove the MP4/13 F1 car up the hillclimb course in a scacely believable 41.6 seconds, a record that still stands to this day. In the video you can see just how hard Nick is having to work behind the wheel. To carry those speeds on a dusty, dirty, bumpy and narrow driveway takes huge skill and massive bravery. Enjoy.

2. RUF at the ‘Ring

While the speeds in the snowy Nurburgring video aren’t very high, they most certainly are in this video. The car in question is the RUF CTR ‘Yellowbird’, essentially a highly tuned version of the Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2. It is a fearsome car (and a fearsome track) and it tries desperately to throw it’s driver into the hedges several times. This video is an astonishing feat of driving skill combined with simply enormous cojones.

1. Mark Higgins’ “Biggest moment of my life”

This is our number one video not just because of Mark Higgins incredible reactions and car control, but because lives were genuinely at risk. A 150mph crash into brick walls and lamp posts in a very lightly modified road car would have not have ended well. On top of Higgins’ astonishing reflexes is the fact that the passenger’s facial expression does not change throughout the whole thing. Watch the video and prepare to be amazed.

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