Top 10 first cars for 17 year olds

IT’S A TOUGH and expensive world for new drivers, so take a look at what we believe are the best and cheapest cars for 17 year olds.

This is by no means a ‘top 10 absolute cheapest cars for 17 year olds’ list, although price does play a big part, but it is instead a top 10 best cars. All insurance quotes are correct at the time of writing, are for the smallest engined versions of each car and are for third party, fire and theft coverage for a 17 year old male, living in Southampton, in full/part-time education, with a full UK driving licence, no points/convictions/claims, and with his mother as a named driver.

10. Toyota Yaris

It might come as a surprise that the Yaris hasn’t made it further up our list, with it’s great packaging, trusty mechanicals and great build quality. The trouble is with that list of great attributes it’s a sought after car, pushing used prices up. Insurance isn’t too cheap either.
COSTS    –    CAR: £700    INSURANCE: £2724    TOTAL: £3424

9. Fiat Seicento

The little Fiat may not have the reliability, equipment, build quality or safety of some on this list but it is small, cheap and fun, and when you’re 17 these things count for a lot. It’s available in plenty of bright colours too but steer clear of the sportier models.
COSTS    –    CAR: £500    INSURANCE: £2588    TOTAL: £3088

8. Fiat Panda

The perfect choice for those with a little more to spend. Being a modern Fiat, the Panda is reliable, well built, safe, reasonably well equipped and, with a high roofline and five doors, practical too. It might be a bit more grown-up, but it’s still a little cheeky too.
COSTS    –    CAR: £1700    INSURANCE: £2857    TOTAL: £4557

7. Daewoo Matiz

The best car the now defunct Daewoo made was the Matiz. So good that when Chevrolet took over they kept making it. It’s dependable, practical and surprisingly good looking too. Handling isn’t up to European standards, but with only 800cc you won’t really notice.
COSTS    –    CAR: £600    INSURANCE: £2599    TOTAL: £3199

6. Vauxhall Corsa

The Corsa is actually one of the cheapest cars on the list. It’s always been a bit average in every other area though; a bit dull to drive, not the best built and not very exciting to look at. But if all you want is a cheap set of fairly dependable wheels, the Corsa’s your answer.
COSTS    –    CAR: £400    INSURANCE: £2277    TOTAL: £2677

5. Renault Clio

Probably the best looking car on this list, the Clio is not only stylish but quite good to drive as well. Reliability can be a bit hit and miss though, with some needing lots of attention and others going for years without a grumble so look through the history and receipts.
COSTS    –    CAR: £400    INSURANCE: £2737    TOTAL: £3137

4. SEAT Arosa

The Arosa is the Volkswagen Lupo’s cheaper but otherwise identical cousin, making it a great buy. It’s well built, reliable and cheap to run but dull styling and a lack of practicality count against it. And despite not having a VW badge on it’s nose, prices are still quite high.
COSTS    –    CAR: £800    INSURANCE: £2276    TOTAL: £3076

3. Nissan Micra

Near-bulletproof reliability means the Micra scores high, combined with the fact that they are cheap and plentiful on the used market, the Micra is a great proposition. Uninspired styling and handling stop it going higher on this list though, as does oddly high insurance.
COSTS    –    CAR: £400    INSURANCE: £2810    TOTAL: £3210

2. Fiat Cinquecento

The Cinquecento is the cheapest car in our list and only loses out on the top spot due to its age; safety, reliability and build quality weren’t up to much in the early 90’s. But the little Fiat makes up for it with bags of character and personality and tidy handling too.
COSTS    –    CAR: £400    INSURANCE: £2185    TOTAL: £2585

1. Ford Ka

There’s a reason why Ford had such a hard time replacing the original Ka; it’s a mighty fine car. Great handling, funky styling inside and out and solid mechanicals meant it was a big seller. As such, there are plenty out there on the market so you can afford to be picky when buying. The only real weak spot is rust, so check the doors, sills and bootlid.
COSTS    –    CAR: £400    INSURANCE: £2599    TOTAL: £2999

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