VIDEO: Incredible post-race driver fight at Bowman Gray Stadium

Bowman Gray Stadium Drivers Fight

WATCH AS AN on-track dispute between drivers takes an unexpected turn.

We’ve seen drivers express their displeasure with other drivers many times before, but this clip, filmed by DJ Bumgarner, from Bowman Gray Stadium in the USA is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

The description of the video states that Mike Robertson (on foot) was angry at Derek Stoltz (in car) having been punted out of the race by him in the closing stages. Instead of waiting to get back to the paddock to discuss the matter or go to the stewards, Mike decides that direct action is called for and attempts to attack Derek as he drives past. It is at this point that Derek decides that he doesn’t fancy hanging around to be on the recieving end of the punches and floors it, dragging Mike with him.

Watch the incredible footage below.

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