Top 10 tips for selling your car online

Skoda Octavia vRS

WE RUN DOWN our top 10 tips for successfully selling your car online.

With AutoTrader recently shutting down their printed magazine edition, the world of car selling is now almost entirely reliant on the internet.

With this in mind, we want to help you successfully sell your car. So we have come up with our top 10 tips for selling your car online.

10. Picture quantity

BMW for sale

Pictures are very important. They let people look at your car and decide if they want to view it and potentially buy it. If you don’t have enough pictures, or even any pictures at all, you’ll risk having potential buyers pass you buy without even reading your advert. It also looks suspicious: Why have they posted no pictures? What have they got to hide?


Land Rover for sale

Use the caps lock button sparingly. Using it appropriately at the beggining of sentences and for proper nouns is crucial (as we’ll see later) but using it constantly is tantamount to shouting. You wouldn’t sell a car like that in person. WOULD YOU?!

8. Don’t waffle

Ford for sale

We don’t need to know your life story. We just need to know what the car has and hasn’t got, it’s condition and mileage and it’s price. Having such a enormous solid block of text will really put buyers off and they’ll simply move on before they get to the important information at the bottom. Keep it concise and stick to the facts.

7. Don’t lie.

If your car has scratches, dents, ripped upholstery or any other cosmetic or mechanical defects, don’t try and pretend it doesn’t. It will become patently obvious if and when somebody comes to view your car and if they came under the impression that the car was in perfect condition, they’ll be angry and they’ll walk away. Just be open and honest.

6. Know your target audience

Renault for sale

If you’re selling a niche car like the Renault Clio V6 above, chances are the people looking to buy it know their stuff, so feel free to be as technical in your description as you like. If you’re selling a Ford Mondeo diesel, chances are the people looking don’t know a thing, so don’t bombard them with technical jargon and shorthand they won’t understand.

5. Know what you’re selling

Hyundai for sale

The example above is pretty extreme but it gets the point across. If you don’t know much about your car, consult the handbook or ask someone else for help. If your advert is too vague or plain wrong, people will not be interested in looking. Finally, if there’s something you really don’t know, don’t guess or make it up, just leave it out altogether.

4. Don’t cheat

Mercedes for sale

Classified websites are full of extremely low mileage cars. However, when you get to the bottom of the ad you find out that it actually has very high mileage. This is because people predominantly search for “under 100,000 miles” cars and by listing it as “106k” or “106 miles” or even “1,006” sellers illegitimately get their cars further up the listings.

3. Picture composition

Vauxhall for sale

How hard can it be? I mean, seriously. Hold your phone or camera horizontaly, make sure the whole car is in the frame and take a picture. With pictures like the one above, it would actually have been better not to have taken a picture at all, it’s really that bad. Not only is the orientation wrong, but it only shows about 20% of the car.

2. Picture quality

Ford for sale

Pictures like this scream ‘unprofessional’. You really can tell nothing about the car other than the colour, which is no good for potential buyers whatsoever. In this day and age where everybody has a camera, a phone with a camera or a tablet with a camera, there really is no excuse for this kind of thing. You won’t sell a car with pictures like that.

1. Spelling/Grammar/Cliches

If there’s one thing that will make someone click away from your advert it is bad spelling, bad grammar and appalling cliches. A quick Google check will clear-up simple spelling issues. Make sure you capitalise correctly, use commas and full stops and refrain from exclamation marks. And finally, don’t use “great first car”, “good little runner”, “tidy” or “geniune reason for sale”.

Follow these tips and you should have a much easier time of selling your car online.

(All pictures and screenshots taken from


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