VIDEO: A lap of Oulton Park Circuit from 1953

Oulton Park 1953

WATCH THIS INCREDIBLE video from 1953 of the newly opened Oulton Park

Most new circuits now tend to be huge Hermann Tilke designed complexes located in emerging economies in order to attract Formula One and, more importantly, its money. However, on the 8th August 1953, thanks to the “great post-war rejuvination of interest in motor racing”, a new racing circuit opened in Cheshire, England to modest fanfare.

Oulton Park 1953

Based in the grounds of Oulton Hall the circuit was named Oulton Park (or Ooolton, as the histerically 1950’s voice-over man would have you believe). This publicity video from the time is a fascinating look into period attitudes towards racing, with unguarded trees mere metres from the track described as adding a “natural road flavour” and being an “excellent vantage point for cameramen”. The age before health and safety really was world’s apart.

BTCC Oulton Park 2013

Of course, today Oulton Park is one of the UK’s major circuits, hosting touring cars, GTs, Superbikes, trackdays and much more besides. But to see its humble beginnings watch the video below:

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