Gran Turismo 6 release date, new pictures and details

Gran Turismo 6

SONY HAS REVEALED the release date for Gran Turismo 6, as well as a raft of new cars, tracks and pre-order bonuses.

The most eagerly awaited game among car fans, and many game fans in general, now has an official release date. Sony has confirmed that Gran Turismo 6 will be released on the Playstation 3 on the 6th December this year. Not only this, but it has released some tantalising details of new tracks, cars, online features and other game details.

Those pre-ordering the game from selected outlets will recieve five bonus cars in unique GT6 livery, including Nissan GT-R GT3, Tesla Model S, and the new Dodge Viper GTS, as well as one million in-game credits. However, those pre-ordering the 15th anniversary limited edition will recieve all of the above as well as an additional 20 cars, including Pagani Huayra (below), Audi R18 TDI and Ford GT40, unique paint chips, unique in-game race suit and helmet and Playstation Network avatar.

Pagani Huayra Gran Turismo 6

In addtion to this news, it was also revealed that the Brands Hatch circuit in Kent will make its debut in the Gran Turismo franchise, as will many new cars such as the BMW Z8 (below), Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, Renault Megane Trophy V6 and new the Ford Focus ST.

BMW Z8 Gran Turismo 6

One area where Gran Turismo 5 was heavily criticised was its online gameplay. Sony says GT6 will remedy this, “Features that were not supported officially in the previous title will now be included: online lobby time trials, drift trials and races with qualifying rounds are just a few examples. Users will also be able to create customised rooms tailored to their favourite play-style and these settings can be saved and shared with others.”

Gran Turismo 6 Online

GT6 promises to give gamers a new experience thanks to numerous new technologies and a close working partnership with tyre manufacturer Yokohama and suspension company KW. A new physics model means that “load changes of the car, changes in vehicle attitude, relationship of the surface and the tyres are even more real” and will give “new depth in driv[ing] feel” while better aerodynamics understanding means players will “feel the airflow around the car as they drive” according to Sony.

Graphic improvements include adaptive tessellation, where polygons can automatically change based on the player’s distance from the car to maintain quality, and an HDR engine “50 times greater than that in GT5”, which maintains realistic lighting conditions and prevents flaring or blackouts in bright or dim areas, meaning Gran Turismo 6 will continue to impress and push the boundaries of the Playstation 3’s ageing hardware.

Gran Turismo 6 is available to pre-order for the PS3 now priced from £39.97 for the standard edition or £64.97 for the 15th anniversary edition.

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