Subaru takes aim at Isle of Man TT course record

Subaru WRX STI Isle of Man TT

SUBARU IS SET to tackle the Isle of Man TT course record again, this time with the new WRX STI.

Subaru will once again tackle the fearsome Isle of Man TT course and attempt to beat its own record of 19:56.7 at an average speed of 115.36mph. The video (below) of the original record in 2011 went viral after driver Mark Higgins had a monumental ‘moment’ at over 150mph.

The attempts, which will take place on Saturday 31 May, Monday 2 June and Wednesday 4 June, will be completed in a standard road-car fitted with the 296bhp 2.5-litre boxer engine. The only modifications will include the springs and dampers, which have been adjusted to minimise damage over high-speed bumps and jumps and the obligatory fitment of safety features including a roll-cage, race harness and fire suppression system.

Higgins, who will pilot the car again, said, “Setting the record was totally exhilarating and one of the highlights of my career – Bray Hill certainly added to the thrill! As a Manxman, I love the TT Races and I have a huge amount of respect for the TT riders and what they do. It will be a real honour to attempt a new fastest car lap.”

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