VIDEO: Euro NCAP crash tests Renault Twizy, Golf Cart and other quadricycles

Euro NCAP Golf Cart crash test Club Car Villager

EURO NCAP HAS conducted crash tests of road-legal ‘heavy quadricycles’ including the electric Renault Twizy and the Club Car golf cart.

Because quadricycles are not classed as proper cars, they do not have to pass the same stringent safety tests. As a result, concerns have been raised over their safety in the event of a crash.

A couple of years ago Top Gear magazine crashed a G-Wiz with catastrophic results, but with this kind of vehicle increasing in popularity in recent years, Euro NCAP has decided to perform crash tests on four of the most popular models; the Renault Twizy, Tazzari Zero, Club Car Villager 2+2 and Ligier IXO JS LINE 4 Places.

Tazzari NCAP crash test

Capable of speeds of up 60mph, many buyers see quadricycles as potential alternatives to motorcycles or small city cars, making these tests more relevant than ever.

Ligier NCAP crash test

The two tests conducted were a 50km/h full-frontal impact into a deformable object and a 50km/h side impact with a deformable object.

Villager Club Car NCAP crash test

Euro NCAP said, “All of the quadricycles tested showed critical safety problems, although some fared better than others in the front or side impact test by Euro NCAP. The vehicles tested are type-approved and meet the minimal safety requirements set by European legislation for L7e heavy quadricycles. Consumers, however, should note that quadricycles in general offer a significantly lower level of occupant protection than is offered by cars.”

Reanult Twizy NCAP crash test

For the full detailed findings from these tests, visit the Euro NCAP website.

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