VIDEO: Taiwanese panel-bashing road rage

Taiwan road rage Audi crash

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN two cars want to occupy the same piece of road? The pettiest road rage battle of all time!

This video, believed to be shot in Taiwan, shows an Audi S5 and a Suzuki Wagon R trying to occupy the same area of a motorway lane, both unwilling to back down.

It’s probably safe to assume that this battle had been going on for some time before the person in the car behind began recording, because after just a minute the Audi driver decides that it is worth damaging his own car and that of his Suzuki driving nemesis in order to get his point (and let’s face it, it almost certainly is a “he”) across. Fair play to the Wagon R driver though, who stands their ground despite the attack.

Eventually our camera car overtakes and drives off, meaning we’ll never know who won this epic tussle. Actually, their probably both still there, unable to admit defeat.

Watch the bizarre video below:

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