Look inside hardcore McLaren P1 GTR


TAKE A LOOK inside the stripped-out interior of the forthcoming hardcore, track-focused McLaren P1 GTR.

McLaren has released the first pictures and details of the interior of the new P1 GTR, and it’s good news for fans of carbon fibre.

The 90kg all-carbon MonoCage chassis is carried over from the road-going P1, and includes the main tub, roof, engine air intake and housings for the battery and other electronics. Unlike pretty much every other racing car in the world though, the P1 GTR does away with the need for the fitment of a heavy and space consuming rollcage as it is already built to meet FIA rollover load requirements.

McLaren P1 GTR interior

Main focus inside is on the specially developed steering wheel which takes inspiration from Lewis Hamilton’s 2008 title-winning MP4-23 F1 car and puts controls such as DRS and energy boost right at the driver’s fingertips.

McLaren P1 GTR steering wheel

Also inside are lightweight, DTM-inspired seats complete with six-point harnesses. McLaren has taken every measure to ensure the P1 GTR is a stripped-out, hardcore racer; reducing weight wherever possible, yet has taken the decision to leave the weighty air conditioning system installed. This, presumably, is to ensure that the car will appeal to the extremely lucrative and rapidly expanding middle-east market.

McLaren P1 GTR rear

Alongside the P1 GTR will be a development programme including driver coaching and fitness training, culminating in specially held events at race tracks around the world.

There’s no official word yet on just how many P1 GTRs will be built or what they’ll cost, but rumours of a production run of around 30 cars and a price tag approaching £2million continue to circulate online.

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