Jaguar teams with Bloodhound SSC to announce 2015 4×4 F-Type

Jaguar F-TYPE AWD Bloodbound SSC Andy Green

JAGUAR HAS JOINED forces with the 1000mph Bloodhound SSC land speed record team to announce the 2016 all-wheel-drive F-Type.

In 2015, the Jaguar F-Type range will grow from six to 14 different versions including this new all-wheel-drive model.

The announcement of the AWD F-Type coincides with beginning of a new technical partnership between Jaguar and the Bloodhound SSC World Landspeed Record programme.

Jaguar 2015 F-Type AWD 4X4 4WD

The AWD F-Type will be used to test vital communications systems for the 1000mph attempt in the Hakskeen Pan desert in the Northern Cape of South Africa. By fitting Bloodhound’s radio equipment into an F-Type and a jet, then driving/flying them past each other at top speed, the team could get a near-700mph test of the system.

2015 Jaguar F-Type AWD Jet Plane

The addition of all-wheel-drive will increase the F-Types appeal in certain areas of the world where extreme and long winters means grip is often in demand such as North America and Russia.

Whether this will drastically alter the F-Type’s rear-wheel-drive character is yet to be seen. The AWD F-Type will be publicly unveiled at the LA Auto Show on 19th November along with the rest of the upcoming changes to the 2015 F-Type.

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