Ferrari releases hardcore 2015 LaFerrari FXX K

Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K track

FERRARI HAS REVEALED details of the track-focused LaFerrari, the FXX K.

Ever since the LaFerrari hypercar was revealed, rumours of a hardcore track version have circulated on the internet. Fuel was added to the fire when McLaren announced the P1 GTR, a track-going version of the LaFerrari’s main rival.

Ferrari FXX K rear

Well, the wait is over and we now know for sure that 2005’s Enzo-based FXX (below) will get a sequel; the 1035 bhp FXX K.

Ferrari FXX

The 1035 bhp, up from the standard LaFerrari’s 789 bhp, comes from the 6.3-litre V12 hybrid petrol engine, with 848 bhp coming from the internal combustion engine and the remaining 187 bhp coming from the electric motor. Peak torque remains unchanged at 664 lb ft.

The boost in power comes from new camshafts, valve trains, intake manifolds and exhaust system which now comes without silencers. Power from the HY-KERS electric hybrid system can be controlled from the dash-mounted Manettino, with Qualify, Long Run, Manual Boost and Fast Charge modes available.

Ferrari FXX K interior

Exterior changes include a twin-profile rear wing which works in conjunction with a large front splitter and an aerodynamically enhanced underbody, giving a maximum of 50% increase in downforce depending on the car’s setup and configuration.

The FXX K also comes with a set of slick Pirelli tyres which have built-in sensors to monitor forces, pressures and temperature.

2015 Ferrari FXX K LaFerrari

Much like the original FXX, the FXX K is not homoligated for any race series but is a standalone performance variant and will be available for specially selected owners, or “client-test drivers” as Ferrari calls them, to use at bespoke Ferrari-hosted events at tracks over the next two years.

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