Metro and Longbridge factory blueprints up for auction on ebay [UPDATE]

Austin Metro MG Turbo ebay blueprints

THE METRO COULD potentially go back into production as blueprints for the car and factory go up for auction on ebay.

Blueprints for the Austin Metro and the Longbridge factory it was built in are currently for sale on ebay, meaning that the car could potentially go back into production! Yes, the Mini’s unpopular replacement (so ridiculed and unloved that the Mini came back into production until 2000) could make its way back onto our roads in one form or another.

Rover 100 Metro

According to the ebay seller, the lot covers blueprints to make bodyshells and floorplans for the 1977 Austin Metro right up to the Rover 100 of the 1990s, including the MG Metro Turbo, Metro van, an Indonesian Metro saloon variant and, most excitingly, the MG Metro 6R4.

MG Metro 6R4

The blueprints for the “£275 million worth of research and development” could, according to the seller, produce 150,000 bodyshells per year. “Effectively if you had a factory and materials you could almost push a button and out come metro shells and floorpans for whatever purpose you needed.”

Metro saloon Zagato blueprints sale ebay

Whether the world needs any more Metros is debatable, but someone with enough cash could give us exactly that. And just think of the prospect of a bunch of brand new Metro 6R4s fitted with modern drivetrains. Perhaps Audi’s 5.2-litre V10? Yes please!

Austin Metro MG Turbo

The Auction is due to end on Sunday 8th March and we’re keeping a keen eye on it as the price currently stands at just £1,220! Maybe it could become a rival for Dacia and Lada in eastern Europe, or a cheap starter car in the developing world. Maybe it could even be fitted with an electric motor and become a budget rival to the Renault Zoes and BMW i3s of this world!

It could be an exciting proposition, or a very expensive flop. See the Metro blueprints listing here.


The auction has now ended and the blueprints have sold for £2,050

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