Car makers’ April Fools’ 2015 roundup

Skoda Fabia colour shade change april fools 2015

WE ROUNDUP THE top April Fools’ from car manufacturers in 2015.

Every year, car manufacturers try to out do each other on April 1st. This year is no exception. We’ve collected some of the best below.

BMW’s rugby gumshield

BMW grille Rugby gum shield april fools' 2015

Made from the same material as BMW door seals, using tyre tread technology to grip the mouth, and with BMW kidney grilles for ventilation. It’s an odd look, but as tie-ins go, it’s not entirely outside the realms of possibility!

VW Caddy Maxi Mini van

VW mini maxi Caddy van april fools' 2015

Designed to save fuel and take advantage of small parking spaces. “We see the Caddy Maxi Mini as our equivalent of the chocolate bars at the supermarket checkout. When customers come and buy one of our full-size vans, they’ll add a Caddy Maxi Mini as a little treat.” Again, not all that far fetched really.

Skoda ‘ShadeChange’

Skoda Fabia colour shade change dashboard april fools' 2015

Body panels covered in Unobtanium mean colour changes can be made with a few prods of the dashboard infotainment screen. Also, a nice nod to parent company VW’s special edition Harlequin models.

MINI Chrome Line Exterior Deluxe

MINI Chrome Line Exterior Deluxe april fools' 2015

The chrome that normally covers the grille and headlight surrounds now covers the entire bodywork. Conveyor belts in the factory will be slowed down so that MINI employees can check their appearances in it.

Ford Mustang crop shrine

Ford Mustang field april fools' 2015

A farmer creates a shrine to his favourite muscle car in the hopes that it might one day go on sale here in the UK. Of course, if he was as big a Mustang enthusiast as he claims, he would know that it already is. How convenient.

BMW Party Lights

BMW M4 Party lights april fools' 2015

What do you do when you’re out and about and fancy having a bit of a party, but you’ve forgotten you’re disco ball? Simply fire up your BMW’s Party Lights which flash through all colours of the rainbow. Obviously.

McLaren Sarong

McLaren wearable technology april fools' 2015

Every mechanic on the McLaren F1 team will now be supplied with a team Sarong that “utilises telemetric heat sensors to regulate body temperature” and can withstand temperatures up to 300C.

Vauxhall Kebab Taxi

Vauxhall Abra Kebabra kebab taxi Vivaro apri lfools 2015

Two things that are guaranteed on every Friday night are kebabs and taxis. So Vauxhall has combined the two with their “Abra Kebabra” Vivaro van, replacing a couple of seats with two rotisseries, salad bowls and chilli dispensers. Luckily, there are also wipe-clean seats and floors.

Nissan GYM Mode

Nissan in-car gym april fools' 2015

Enabling GYM Mode will turn off power steering and electric windows as well as increasing the resistance of the pedals and gear stick, allowing drivers to get a workout on their commute and burn an extra 1,415 calories (get it?) in a week.

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