VIDEO: Man nearly has massive crash on Ferrari F430 test drive

Ferrari F430 near head on crash test drive

WATCH THIS GUY nearly have two absolutely enormous crashes as he test drives a Ferrari F430 on the road.

We all know that a test drive is a vital opportunity to test out a car before you buy it, making sure the engine and gearbox are in working order and checking all the electronic systems for faults or bugs.

However, while testing the former a bit more than he should have, this driver gave the F430’s ESP, traction control and ABS a much more strenuous workout than intended! It’s a good job they were all in working order, because they almost certainly saved not just the Ferrari, but the two other cars on the road and those inside them too.

Watch the incredible video below:

It’s entirely possible that the driver was goaded on by the dealer, keen to show off the 430’s power and make a sale, but this is an incredibly reckless way to drive on public roads, especially in a car you’ve never driven before!

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