Lancia Delta Integrale destroyed in petrol station crash

Lancia Delta Integrale crash petrol station Santorso

WATCH THIS LANCIA Delta HF Integrale suffer at the hands of a 25-year-old.

The Lancia Delta Integrale is an icon, plain and simple. A homolgation special bred in the fiercely competitive World Rally Championship, today examples are highly prized and sought after (by yours truly in particular) and fetch between £30-40k.

Santorso Lancia Delta Integrale crash

It’s a painful sight to see one meet such an undignified end. Although not officially confirmed as a write-off, the damage seems extensive and although it is a valuable classic, it’s still not in the realms of the McLaren F1, where as long as there is a small part of the original car left, it can be rebuilt.

Lancia Delta Integrale crash Fiat Panda

According to, the rainy conditions in Santorso, a short distance to the north-west of Venice, caused the 25-year-old driver to lose control and spin towards the petrol station, first hitting a Fiat Panda then coming to rest against a Fiat Stilo. Both Fiat drivers suffered minor injuries while the Integrale driver has a broken collarbone.

The incident could have been significantly worse though had the driver hit the petrol pumps instead! Watch a video of the crash on the website.

Pictures via Il Gazzettino.

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