Ferdinand Habsburg OK after massive Formula Renault crash

Formula Renault crash Silvserstone WSR October 2015 Ferdinand Habsburg

WATCH THIS UNBELIEVEABLE Formula Renault 2.0 crash at the World Series by Renault event at Silverstone.

There has been much sadness in motorsport recently with the deaths of Jules Bianchi and Justin Wilson, both due to injuries sustained while racing. It is a sobering reminder that, as it states on your ticket, motorsport is dangerous.

It is simply astonishing then, that Formula Renault 2.0 driver Ferdinand Habsburg was not just OK, but was able to walk away from this astonishing crash at the Silverstone World Series by Renault meeting.

Following another crash at the Maggots-Becketts complex, the safety car was deployed, this seemed to cause confusion however, and as the cars began to slow down, a bottleneck occurred. The result of which was Habsburg’s car launching off the back of another, hitting the ground and rolling to a stop.

This video speaks volumes for the safety of modern motorsport. Drivers will still die because it is a dangerous sport, but the fact that drivers can walk away from crashes like this, those deaths will get increasingly fewer and further between.


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