Artist Chris Labrooy creates pink Porsche sculptures

Chris Labrooy pink Porsche 911 art sculpture 1

BRITISH ARTIST CHRIS Labrooy has created some weird and wonderful sculptures in California. Out of Porsche 911s!

The four sculptures, created out in Palm Springs, California, utilise the exquisite shapes of the classic Porsche 911 Carrera RS to create something truly spectacular.


Chris Labrooy Porsche 911 art sculpture swimming pool

Porsche purists may have their heads in their hands at the sight of these Porsches being ‘abused’ like this, but there is no word on whether these cars are genuine, or if they are, what condition they were in before Labrooy got his hands on them.

Chris Labrooy Pink Porsche 911 art sculpture 2

Labrooy is no stranger to controversial automotive art, having created arguably even weirder sculptures out of a Nissan Skyline GTR, Honda NSX, Datsun 240Z and Toyota AE86 in Tokyo earlier this year.

While the possible abuse of classic sports cars is not something we would normally condone, there is something beautiful about Labrooy’s work that lets us enjoy it as a celebration of some true automotive classics.

Chris Labrooy Toky car art sculptures

So what do you think, blasphemy or celebration? Beautiful or destructive? Either way, it’s utterly fascinating to look at and we can’t wait to see what Labrooy will tackle next!


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