Revere responsible for vandalised Range Rover Revenge

Revere vandalised Range Rover cheater publicity stunt in London

THE WHITE RANGE Rover vandalised in London with the words “cheater” has been revealed as a publicity stunt by tuning company Revere.

The pictures and videos went all over the internet for several reasons.

Firstly, we all love intrigue and human drama. Was someone cheated on? Who did it and with whom? It’s titillating!

Secondly, there’s the schadenfreude of enjoying somebody else’s misfortune. Especially if it is deemed that the person ‘deserved’ it.

Thirdly, there’s the sick fascination in watching expensive things get destroyed. It’s perverse and hard to explain, but it is definitely a thing.

Finally, there’s the debate as to whether or not it was real. Well, we can now answer this question, because tuning company Revere has revealed itself to be responsible for the whole thing as means of publicising its new Knightsbridge styling package.

Revere isn’t the first company to exploit the internet gossip mill with a fake ‘viral’ video for personal gain, and it certainly won’t be the last. As deplorable and shameless as that may be, you can’t argue with the impact that was made!

Most importantly, of course, the paint wasn’t real paint. As as the caption reads at the end, “no cars were harmed during this stunt”.




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