Gran Turismo Sport announced for November 2016

Gran Turismo Sport GT

SONY HAS ANNOUNCED the new FIA-sanctioned game, Gran Turismo Sport for Playstation 4, to be released 18th November 2016.

Gaming has been growing in credibility in recent years with professional competitions and tournaments plus big money live streaming and “Let’s Play” videos channels on Twitch and YouTube.

Gran Turismo Sport November 2016

On the motorsport front, there is Gran Turismo’s GT Academy, producing the likes of Lucas Ordonez and Jann Mardenborough, who went from winning an in-game tournament to racing successfully in endurance, GT and GP3.

Well Sony and Gran Turismo are now introducing Gran Turismo Sport; a game officially sanctioned and recognised by the FIA.

Gran Turismo Sport model line up

With various categories of cars to drive across multiple disciplines, it starts out like any other Gran Turismo game, however it’s online where the real differences are.

The Nations Cup and Manufacturer Fan Cup offer players the opportunity to represent their country or favourite car maker in an online championship, which will ultimately see the champions honoured at the annual FIA prize-giving gala.

Gran Turismo Sport LaFerrari

There will also be the opportunity for fans to watch the races streamed on Gran Turismo Sport Live, just like proper racing!

This is a landmark moment for motorsport and gaming, being the first virtual championships to be officially sanctioned by a world motorsport governing body. Giving gaming yet another shot of credibility and finally dragging the world of motorsport into the 21st century. Much, I’m sure, to Bernie Ecclestone’s displeasure!

Gran Turismo Sport Audi R6 GT Livery Editor

Another first for the Gran Turismo series, and something fans have been crying out for over the last decade. A livery editor.

Numerous other racing games, most notably GT’s arch rival Forza, have introduced this seemingly simple yet highly requested feature.

Gran Turismo Sport Livery Editor

Judging by the trailer, which you can watch at the bottom, Gran Turismo’s livery editor doesn’t seem to be quite as in-depth and extensive as Forza’s, but it will certainly offer players the chance to personalise their cars like never before; and when you’re racing against the rest of the world, you need to stand out!

Gran Turismo Sport Ford Mustang Group B Rally

Gran Turismo has faced a lot of criticism over the years; offering superior driving dynamics and an absolutely vast roster of cars and circuits but with clunky interfaces, a sometimes tedious tier system and a distinct lack of “fun”.

Gran Turismo Sport Mitsubishi rally

Will Gran Turismo Sport finally turn a corner for the series and deliver the kind of gaming experience fans have long been asking for? November will give us the answer, but for now you can watch the trailer below and see what you make of it?

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