Massive F3 crash at Spileberg – driver “awake”

Li F3 crash Spielberg

FORMULA 3 DRIVERS Ryan Tveter, Zhi Cong Li and Pedro Piquet have been involved in a colossal crash at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria.

Motorsport safety has been a hot topic lately, with F1’s ‘Halo/Canopy’ debate still raging on. But an excellent advert for just how safe the sport is already is the simply massive accident that has just happened in European F3.

It all started when Ryan Tveter spun through the gravel and rejoined the circuit; stationary and on the racing line. Unsighted through the cloud of dust, Zhi Cong Li collided with Tveter’s car, barrel-rolling through the air then through the gravel trap, followed shortly after by Pedro Piquet.

Piquet was unharmed and Tveter suffered minor injuries but Li was taken to the medical centre where he is now reportedly “awake and alert”. Motorsport is dangerous, it says as much on the ticket, but for all three drivers to be basically OK after such a terrifying crash is testament to the good work that has been done to improve motorsport safety.

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