VIDEO: Knochill 2016 provides most exciting BTCC race in ages

BTCC Knockhill 2016

HAVE YOU EVER seen a race with no overtakes be exciting? Well you have now!

The British Touring Car Championship has a reputation for being more destruction derby than premier racing series. That reputation may be deserved (although you can’t argue with the entertainment value!) but this weekend’s meeting at Knockhill in Scotland saw that reputation turned on it’s head. Well, sort of.

The final race of the day, round 21, saw a four-way battle for the lead between the Ford Focus of Mat Jackson, The BMW 1-Series of Sam Tordoff, the Subaru Levorg of Jason Plato and the Honda Civic of Gordon Shedden; following an earlier collision between Colin Turkington and Rob Collard (it’s still the BTCC after all). This final half of the race was BTCC at it’s absolute finest and proved how exciting close, clean racing can be. F1 take note, ditch the downforce and give us racing like this!

Click this link and scroll down to round 21 to BTCC Round 21 to watch the race in full.

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