VIDEO: Drunk man destroys Alfa Romeo attempting to leave car park


WATCH THIS MAN crash his car multiple times as he tries to leave this car park.

There are people in this world, believe it or not, who don’t think drinking and driving is the abhorrent act that it actually is. Those people, I believe the collective term is ‘morons’, should have a look at the video below because it shows quite clearly just how stupidly dangerous and selfish it is.

This video begins amusingly enough, as the man staggers around looking for his car then proceeds to drive into walls and another car, but it’s as he gets on to the street and drives off, out of view of the cameras, for potentially a long drive on public roads with other drivers and pedestrians around, still in the same condition, that it becomes a lot more serious.

We have no information about what, if anything, else happened, but this video should serve as a stark lesson for everyone; don’t drink and drive. It’s really quite simple.

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