If modern cars had retro editions


WE’VE GIVEN SOME of today’s best cars the retro special editions we wish they had.

Last month we counted down our top 10 favourite retro cars. This got us thinking though; there are cars on sale that also have rich heritages, however the manufacturers aren’t shamelessly exploiting this for marketing gains. So let’s fix that for them, shall we? (With, admittedly, varying degrees of success!)

FIAT 124 Spider


You know what’s missing from the new FIAT 124 Spider? Chrome; and lots of it! Not only that but a smaller exhaust and a vintage (read “leaky”) interior and roof. It’ll be a sales phenomenon, guaranteed. Probably.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI 22B


The 22B is arguably the most iconic Impreza of all time, with dinner-plate fog lights, gold alloy wheels, massive spoiler and three-door coupe body-style. Why not reinstate them along with the Impreza name, which is sadly missing from modern WRX STIs.

Nissan Skyline GTR


Another car inexplicably missing it’s famous full name is the Nissan GTR, which is why the Skyline badge is the first thing we’d add back, along with deep-dish wheels, flared arches and painted headlights.

Ford Focus RS1600



Ford has one of the richest heritages of any car company, so it ought to play on it a little more don’t you think? The Focus RS1600 features rally wheels, rally spotlights, rally stripes; basically a load of rally stuff, making it 1600% more awesome!

Peugeot 208 GTI



The Peugeot 205 is one of the most beautifully styled ‘normal’ cars of all time, the GTI even more so, which is why Peugeot needs to incorporate some of it into the 208. We’d suggest those iconic wheels and louvred boot lid amongst other styling touches.

VW Polo Harlequin



The Polo Harlequin is a much copied car, with far too many homemade versions lurking around the world. This is why VW needs to produce another official version and inject some much needed fun into an otherwise very grey car.

Range Rover Camel Trophy


The Camel Trophy saw Land Rovers and Range Rovers decked out in full survival kit and beige paint tackling the world’s toughest jungles and terrains. It was gruelling but impossibly cool and it seriously needs to make a comeback.

Are there any ‘retro’ editions of modern cars that need to hit the streets? Let us know below and maybe, just maybe, the manufacturers will take note. But probably not.

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