Take a look at a selection of my other work below


Porsche 911 GT3 RS model leaked – CarMagazine.co.uk
RCA vehicle design show – CarMagazine.co.uk
Detroit Electric SP:01 nears production – CarMagazine.co.uk
Mazda 3 track test – Recombu.com
NISMO GT-R sets Nurburgring record – Recombu.com
British car industry downfall pt.1 (words & layout)
British car industry downfall pt.2 (words & layout)
Mazda MX-5 hits 900,000 units – evo.co.uk
Audi Q3 announced – evo.co.uk
Rolls Royce inspired special edition Mini – evo.co.uk
Ferrari: F1 ‘hurt by Euro GP’ – Autocar.co.uk
Moss: Driving tests for over 70s – Autocar.co.uk
Fitness Gadget round-up (words & layout)
Hydrogen, electric and hybrid cars (words & layout)
Eco-car technologies (words & layout)




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